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Top 10 Deadliest Diseases In The World

PET Image
1. Coronary Arterya Disease CAD is where vessels providing blood to the heart end up limited. This is normally caused by undesirable slimming down and smoking. The World Health Organization (WHO) gauges that CAD has guaranteed about 7.4 million lives in 2012. That adds to about 12.8% of all passings universally. 2. Stroke A stroke happens when a course providing blood to...

Greatest Medical Innovations

Antibodies (1796) All through the 1800s and mid 1900s, different inoculations were made to battle a portion of the world's deadliest illnesses, including smallpox, rabies, tuberculosis, and cholera. Through the span of 200 years, one of the deadliest illnesses known to man – the little pox – was wiped off the essence of the earth. Today, antibodies keep on sparing...

SMART Testing

smart Diagnostic
In medicine we love us a good diagnostic test; we're always looking for the next one. It is strange, then, that we should be so aloof to the basics of diagnostic testing. This month's audio is a primer on testing—and it changes everything. We're going back to basics: if you learn the four axioms of diagnostic testing you'll know...

The Guideline, The Science, and The Gap

The recent release of the American College of Emergency Physicians guideline recommending the use of tPA for ischemic stroke is remarkable. While it is unsurprising that a professional guideline flouts science, the publication is striking for its casual tone and its methodologically inexplicable review of evidence. Scientific thinking is absent. Below, therefore, is a brief description of the relevant...

SMART Thrombolytics for Acute Stroke

Acute Stoke
This week The Lancet published the largest ever randomized trial of thrombolytics for acute stroke. Hands are wringing, teeth are gnashing, and department heads are fighting. It is the biggest, baddest controversy in our field: Do clot-busters benefit stroke patients.

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Rational Approach

In October of 2010 the prestigious British Medical Journal published the largest, and by far the best, study ever done on the diagnosis of SAH in the ED. The data are revolutionary, and they prompted us to take a new look at the classic teaching and modern approach to this diagnosis. It’s always fun to deep dive on a new...

SMART SAH: A Picture is Worth a Thousand LPs

Smart Contract
Subarachnoid hemorrhage is the bogeyman of headache—but it is real. This month we asked what may be medicine's most fundamental question: how can we ferret out the bogeyman without creating so much collateral damage that we've done more harm than good? We have an answer that is simple, surprising, and scientific. This one is a game-changer.

Food to be taken to avoid breast cancer

Vegetables For Cancer
Breast cancer is on the rise – from celebrities to common women, no one has been spared from the wrath of breast cancer. Apart from your lifestyle, your diet plays a vital role in the prevention and reduction of your risk to breast cancer. So what are the foods you need to make sure you eat to keep fit...