Neuropaquell Review: Does It Really Work?

SmartEm Research Team
December 18, 2020

Neuropaquell is a neuropathy pain relief formula that claims to be the perfect way to remove nerve pain.

This is something that a lot of people could benefit from since nerve pain is a very common problem with a huge list of different causes - but how well does it actually live up to that marketing?

This Neuropaquell review will tell you what you need to know about the product and its contents, as well as whether or not it is as good as it claims to be.

What is Neuropaquell?

Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals created Neuropaquell as a pain relief supplement for tackling nerve issues, especially those that result from nerve damage that takes quite a long time to heal.

It has been derived from multiple peer review studies and attempts to match the strength of clinical supplements and medications given out by doctors, mainly through two of the major ingredients - L-Arginine and B Vitamins.

It also supports nutritional processes going on in your body, allowing you to absorb more nutrients that can help you heal the damage and combat the pain you are feeling.

Neuropaquell is not FDA approved but has many positive reviews on the company's website (roughly 90% positive as of writing this) with a rapid increase in the last two years.

It is said to be the first supplement to reach the same level of pain relief as properly-prescribed medication.

Does Neuropaquell Really Work?

The idea behind Neuropaquell is based on the various ingredients included in the mixture. Some are meant to repair nerve damage and ease nerve pain, while others fight inflammation to prevent increasing pains.

Alongside that are ingredients that are supposed to help your blood vessels relax and flow properly, improving circulation overall and helping to reduce toxin build-up. There is no reason why this wouldn't work, and the ingredients all have proven health benefits.

It isn't one of those supplements that rides on buzzwords like "free" and "natural" without offering any health uses - the supplement can definitely provide nervous system relief and better circulation.

To use Neuropaquell, you have to take two capsules twice a day - two with your breakfast and two with your dinner. Taking it with soda isn't advised since it could cause reactions in your body and/or nullify some of the major benefits.

Neuropaquell Ingredients

Neuropaquell uses a wide range of natural, high-quality ingredients to help treat peripheral neuropathy in your body. Some of the most important entries on the ingredient list include:

  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)
  • Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine)
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)
  • Vitamin B9 (Foliate)
  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)
  • L-Arginine
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  • Feverfew Extract
  • Oat Straw Extract
  • Passion Flower Extract
  • Chinese Skullcap Root

While some of these ingredients (such as the different B Vitamins, like Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B12) are relatively common and can be found in other foods, Neuropaquell condenses them into a single capsule.

Neuropaquell Benefits

Aside from the obvious neuropathy pain help, Neuropaquell as a product has plenty of other benefits that make it an interesting supplement to use.

  • It can treat peripheral neuropathy effectively.
  • Taking the Passion Flower and Chinese Skullcap Root can help with anxiety.
  • The supplement isn't addictive.
  • Taking the supplement, along with prescription medication, doesn't seem dangerous (no negative interactions have been proven yet).
  • It contains plenty of B Vitamins - Vitamin B is often overlooked but has a huge role in the body.
  • Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals have claimed that the supplement can offer even more niche uses, such as helping you sleep or improving balance.

Neuropaquell Side Effects

Some of the ingredients in the formula, such as Feverfew extract, can cause diarrhea and flatulence. Passion flower can lead to dizziness, and the L-Arginine will sometimes cause stomach discomfort. However, there have been no confirmed cases of the supplements actually doing this so far, and these are all side effects of the ingredients themselves.

Neuropaquell Reviews & Complaints

It is important to look at the neuropathy pain supplement from an objective point of view, and up until now, everything has been based on the marketing material. But what complaints do users have about the Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals' Neuropaquell? Does it work as it should do?

One negative review on Amazon by D. J. Donaldson claimed that Neuropaquell did nothing to comfort his wife, a recent stroke survivor/sufferer, with her neuropathy. He also suggests that "different types of cause and symptom" get "lumped into a bucket called neuropathy," hinting that Neuropaquell may only treat certain types of neuropathy.

Another user by the name of Mtreiner mentioned that the Vitamin B-6 in the formula was causing him to overdose on B Vitamins, making his pain worse and requiring "6 months to get B-6 out of your bloodstream." Yet another user, going by GTW, simply called Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals a "snake oil salesman," meaning that their product did nothing.

On the other hand, many reviews have been positive, Rosa Licila Tudela Rodriguez states via Amazon that she has been "improving a 80% with my neuropathy" since she began taking the Neuropaquell. Another similar review by Russ said that he's "off all the pain and nerve medications I was on."

One anonymous online customer on the company's site said something similar but mentioned that the product was approved by the FDA - something that every product page for the product says isn't true. That is also on a five-stars review, which can come across as suspicious to some.


  • The supplement itself is high-quality.
  • It can work well for light therapy and gentle nervous system repair boosts.
  • Some ingredients, such as Oat Straw extract, are effectively entirely harmless.
  • The mixture of "IRLT Optimized" meaning that it is supposed to be more effective than other products.
  • Positive reviews mention people being able to feel free and move around on their feet again, even if their neuropathy left them temporarily unable to walk.
  • Some reviews point out that the supplement starts working very quickly.


  • Some reviews seem suspicious or mention positives that aren't true.
  • Other reviews talk about how they found the supplement completely ineffective even when following the bottle instructions.
  • It is easy to overdose on the "better" B Vitamins, such as Vitamin B-6, and put yourself at risk of more pain or damage.
  • The price is high for something that might not work at all.

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Where to Buy Neuropaquell

The best place to buy Neuropaquell is from the Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals online store on their official website - the place where it is available directly from the company. A bottle will cost you $44.95, including shipping and holding.

Buying a three-bottle pack increases the overall cost to $126 (around $43 per bottle), and six bottles raise it to $234 ($39 each). These prices are a limited time offer, according to the site, so they presumably won't be available once that time expires.

The site mentions a no-risk money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee lasts for an entire year, although the actual terms of the money-back guarantee aren't shown (so there is no way of knowing when it will actually be considered void). No negative reviews have mentioned using this money-back guarantee, either.

Update: We aren

Neuropaquell Conclusion: Should You Try It?

Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals have created a very interesting neuropathy pain supplement, with a lot of claims that they have tried to back up. Clinical strength and being able to deal with diabetic neuropathy are just two of the many things that Neuropaquell is said to do better than any other product on the market currently, and a lot of customer review posts have backed up these claims.

Note that shipping the supplement outside of the United States could cost more, especially if it is held in customs for reasons related to drug checks.

However, the company might not be as truthful as it seems. While Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals is a real company, some of the claims from the people leaving a review (such as the FDA claim mentioned earlier) seem to be lies or half-truths, and there isn't a lot of information available on things like which symptoms the supplement is supposed to treat or how effective people have found the money-back guarantee.

The ingredients are all legitimate, but the product - the supplement itself - may not have the clinical quality that the company wants it to have.

What's the best nerve pain supplement?

Given that Neuropaquell contains a lot of useful ingredients (L-Arginine, Oat Straw, Alpha-Lipoic Acid), the product has potential, but it simply isn't the right one for a lot of people with certain types of neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy.

In this case, you might see more reliable results by looking for a different product with the same commitment to clinical strength, minimal side effects, and providing plenty of vitamins to keep you healthy.

A good alternative product is Nerve Renew by LifeRenew, another non-prescription supplement product that targets neuropathy and nervous system pain while providing better B Vitamins.

It targets plenty of neuropathy symptoms and comes in the same kind of prescription bottle, using many of the same proven ingredients (L-Arginine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B12, etc.) to offer the same level of quality with similar benefits.

LifeRenew is another company entirely, so their products don't work in the exact same way, but they should still treat most neuropathy symptoms - sore feet, slow natural healing, general pain, and so on.

There are also no side effects (other than the individual side effects of using the ingredients) in the product), so it is a good nerve support formula for neuropathy pain with far fewer risks.

Rather than a 30-day money-back guarantee like most supplements, LifeRenew has the same year-long guarantee and keeps all rights reserved on their branding to make sure that there aren't any imitators.

Which Do I Use?

QLN advertises itself with clinical strength and a list of natural ingredients, but either company can create a superior product depending on what you are looking for.

That being said, both use the same extract ingredients and target the same sort of pain, so a customer might not really see much difference between one and the other.

Side effects are minimal, and the clinical strength could just be a buzzword, so they are almost one and the same in terms of how they work.

With that in mind, you might prefer to use Nerve Renew. It is by a different company and available through a different site, but it also doesn't have the same strange reviewer posts - that one about the FDA approval seems quite sketchy, and the post may not be from a real person at all.

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